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Making "Cycle" was an amazing experience. it was created for the Israeli contest Maratoon 2013, in which we were giving five days to create a short animation from start to finish on the subject of bicycle. "Cycle" won second place! We are very thankful and happy that we had this wonderful platform on which to create this one of kind short film.

Working on 'Cycle', we've managed to stay cool and look at the project while it developed, all the time not knowing where exactly its heading but believing that it’s the only way for this type of short to become what it is. By choosing to work on repetitive cycles we were able to produce an incredibly high production value for a project with very short time schedule.

Its been featured on several animation blogs and websites:

Festivals and Awards:

  • Asif 16 2014 won honorable mention & audience award
  • International Cycling Film Festival won 3rd place
  • VELOBerlin Film Award 2014 won 5th place
  • SiciliAmbiente Film Fest 2014
  • "100 films in 100 minutes" by Kyiv International Short Film Festival
  • Boston Cyclist Union, Green Pedal Film Festival 2014