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For this short film directed by David Gidali I was asked to model, texture, shade and rig this model of a spacecraft which appears at the beginning of the movie.

Europa - VFX breakdown from David Gidali on Vimeo.

I put together a series of visual effects breakdowns from my recent short film "Europa", my thesis project in directing at the American Film Institute Conservatory in LA.

The song is "I know the truth" by Pretty Lights.

The process of creating over 90 shots was time consuming but very educating and eventually rewarding. I designed and implemented all the computer interfaces, and outer-space sequences.
A few talented friends helped me with designing and creating the vehicles and environments, to accommodate my previously-visualized staging, which I then lit and sprinkled with confetti and flares, so to speak.

I'm always inspired when watching effect breakdowns, and even though my effects aren't nearly as impressive as some of the high-end stuff coming from the big companies, I hope you still find it inspiring considering it's mostly the work of one person.