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Credit: Amir Porat & Yoav Lev Ari.

"Passing" was created for the 2012 edition of the Israeli contest "Maratoon", in which we were giving five days to create a short animation from start to finish on a giving subject. "Passing" won best script award! We're happy we had this chance to work together on this short and we want to thank the great team behind this amazing competition.

Working on Passing was an interesting experience. We were giving a very complex subject; a reference video, some text and the the main subject of "Behind the mirror". Although having such a wide subject, working on the script of this one was a joy. After a few hours we've found the exact way we wanted to tell this mystic tale. Making the backgrounds happened in a unique way, taking Yoav's line work and mixing it with my color work created a look we wouldn't have achieved working apart.

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