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SBP Scripts 

These are some scripts i’ve developed using SBP’s scripting tools. The scripting documentation is a bit lacking and there are a lot of commands we cannot activate using the scripting tools in SBP. But Toonboom’s support is wonderful and I‘m hoping they’l add more options in the future.

All scripts were made for version 6.0.3
I’m working on making them work on other versions too but for now make sure you use them on the latest version. If you come across any bugs or if nothing is working, please contact me so I can try and debug it.


You can find more info about scripting in storybaord pro here:

Your custom scripts and default scripts are stored here:
Windows: C:Users[user_name]AppDataRoamingToon Boom AnimationToon Boom Storyboard Pro14200-scripts
macOS: /Users/[user_name]/Library/Preferences/Toon Boom Animation/Toon Boom Storyboard Pro/14200-scripts
On macOS, the Library folder is a hidden folder. To display the display the folder, hold down the Alt key.

To download, click the script name on the left.

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