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I worked as a storyboard artist on the second season of Nickelodeon's Zack and Quack. This was a fun show with great design and cinematic style

In the next scene Zack and his friends come across a cave on the surface of Mars, where they think they might find Zack's missing birthday presents.

In the next scene, Zack and his friends try to find the next clue that will help them pass this page and go on to the next page.

In this one, A sorcerer uses his cristal ball to show Zack and Kira what's wrong with a kind they have to save. I was asked to create a scene of a cristal ball but rethink it with popups.

This is the trailer for the first season

In this next scene, Zack and Kira train so they could defeat the dragon that's going to destroy their upcoming festival. Quack is not allowed to train with them so he spies on them and trains on his own. this scene was done quickly and roughly but it was a lot of fun.